Studies have shown that drumming has many positive benefits for children and these include:
Enchanced listening by learning to keep the tempo.
Encourages the child to focus and concentrate.
An increase in Academic performance.
An increase in self-discipline and confidence.
Developing social & life skills like critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication and teamwork.
Allows your child to express themselves creatively and bolster their self-confidence.

Benefits of drumming

We use music to help your child develop an appreciation for music.
Drumming develops rhythm which is crucial for reading, writing and language skills.
Drumming stimulates your child's problem solving and mathematical abilities.
Drumming assists in developing fine and gross motor skills.
Learning that music will also increase your child's memory capacity.
Assists in changing the way your child thinks by using the left and right brain simultaneously.
Playing music utilises every part of the brain in both hemispheres.

By using both sides of the brain at the same time, the childs ability to think faster increases.

How drumming helps