Meet the Rascals


During our lessons, your child will come to know each Rascal and their different personalities and characteristics. It's even possible that your child will start to identify themselves with one or more of our characters. 

We use storytelling and drumming to stimulate both sides of the brain, increasing your child's ability to think differently - which assists them with problem solving. 

Ray the Raccoon is the leader of the pack with his smart and confident ability to do just about anything. He is very outgoing and is liked by everyone! He tends to be quite messy, so his friends have to remind him to tidy up after himself.

Patches the puppy is so cute and cuddly! He is very inquisitive, always seeking adventure. He loves to explore and discover new things. He is the more sensible Rascal, so his friends always ask him for advice!

Maddy the monkey is excitableand full of energy! She be a bit mischievous at times, playing a trick or two. She loves having fun, even though that sometimes lands her in trouble, so she needs the help of the other Rascals to help keep her safe!

Candy the kitten is a quiet and sensitive little lady. She takes her time in making new friends, but then she is friends for life! She loves learning new things and with the help of her fellow Rascals, she soon learns to be brave and join in the fun!