Drum Club is a drumming adventure programme that is aimed at children from two to eight years of age.

Our Extra-Mural school programme runs for a period of eight weeks during each term, with 30 minute lessons per week.

The lessons are based on the pre-school curriculum and are specifically designed to include a variety of stories, songs & rhymes, games, dancing & movement. 

The combination of these elements will help to increase your child’s imagination, they will learn some vital life lessons, all the while developing their social skills!

Each week one of our trained drumming instructors will use beautifully illustrated books to tell an entertaining adventure story that our 4-legged “Rascals” will go on. The characters and events happening in our stories encourage the children to learn and play specific beats and songs on the African djembe drums. The hands-on interaction the children get with drums is something they’ll never forget and the introduction of additional percussion musical instruments can only broaden their awareness of other cultures around the world.

The Drum Club School Programme

What the kids get out of it...

A positive emotional experience & connection to music.

Heightened listening and skills to focus.

Co-ordination & drumming skills.

Memory development, counting skills & creativity.

Increase in self confidence, self discipline & release of energy.

Chance to have fun, bond & connect to those around them.