Our Teambuildings and Drumming Workshops are created to help you feel full of energy, get your creative juices flowing, make you feel inspired and inspire those around you and connect with one another in a fun and creative atmosphere.

Each person will receive an authentic African drum to play with. The workshop is fully interactive and very high energy as we get people of all ages to just let go, relax and enjoy the moment and have fun.

Drumming with Drum Club is perfect for:

• End of Year Corporate Parties
• Team building events
• Conference /Product Launches
• Functions for a special occasions

How the Workshops Work!

• Presented by Drum Club for 40 -50 minutes

• You will learn to play the Djembe drum, even if you have never touched a musical instrument in your life.

• We have a huge toolkit designed to bring everyone together, from CEO to tea-lady, grandparents  and   kiddies, men and women, every possible gap is bridged though the magic of drumming.

• You will be guided though exercises  like…Drum Echo, Break It Down, Follow the leader, Djembe Drum Wave…we even teach you and have you playing all the parts to the arrangement of a very well known song in 5 minutes flat! Seriously


The Drum Club Team Building Package