"Hi There, Just a quick note to say "Thank you" for the awesome program that you work through with our kids. It's fantastic to incorporate all these musical concepts at this young age already. Caitlin certainly looooves her drumming lessons. Hope you too have a lovely break!" 


"Hello, Thanks for the email and the wonderful work you are doing with all the lessons. I am amazed that after attending your classes for such a long time now, Daniell is still very keen to go to school on Tuesdays because it is drumming! You have mastered the art of keeping the interest. Daniell loves re-telling us the animal stories. Daniell was also very excited to tell us about the compliments he received from you on Tuesday and told us you said he was such a good drummer and that you are so proud of him. Those few words have boosted his confidence so much and I just wanted to thank you for that. Thanks for the super work you do."


"Thanks for the email and the update, really nice to know what the kids are doing. They are really loving the new programme and always talk about what they were up to in the lesson, have a good holiday. Best Wishes."


"Joshua LOVES his classes! Really wonderful GOOD JOB DONE to you ALL. We must say a big thank you for your energetic spirit and amazing skill. We thoroughly enjoyed the morning and the kids cant stop talking about the fun they had." 


"Good Luck in your new venture and thank you for the great classes you give. My little Thomas loves Fridays when he has drumming!"


"I have to tell you that Jade especially is just loving the lessons, she really seems to have developed some rhythm and a whole new appreciation for music, in general I find her constantly tapping against her leg to music and always looking for any opportunity to dance (not sure if this is related, but seems likely it is.) It is just awesome to see her developing an appreciation for music. 


"Thank you for the photos! Robin was so proud of her certificate and medal that she couldn't wait to show me! I know that she really enjoyed the lessons and always looked forward to them. She will miss you when she goes to her new school next year. Everything of the best for the future to you and your team!"


"Thank you so much for the email and photos! They tell me every Thursday when you where there. They really enjoy the drumming classes" - Mrs Palvi


"The kids love you, as long as you are going, we will continue to book you" - Raising Hope


"Jill has been running drumming at my Montessori for 3 years and I can say it's the best extra mural we have." - Brightlight Montessori.


"Thanks for a great concert on Thursday night! Reuben is soo going to miss his drumming next year! - Nicolene Reuben